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Probably a good 4 years ago now, my good friend and colleague Jett Virangkabutra (Program Coordinator, Raffles Design Institute, Bangkok) put me on to a design documentary called ‘Objectified’, by Gary Hustwit.

I think for any design professional – especially Industrial Designers – it’s a ‘must’ watch.  While not perfect, it’s well constructed and leaves some blanks for you to fill in yourself, as well as having some good interviews with some ‘well publicised’ designers.

It’s not without it’s critics though, but with most documentaries it shouldn’t be mistaken for a critical analysis. It provides the information and you make up your own mind. The conflicting nature of being a designer however – having ideals but existing in the realities of a commercial world – is palpable in some interviews and that was interesting to see.  Especially if like me you think many of the very well self promoted designers are only one step removed from the Kardashians.

If you gravitate towards other design streams, Hustwit has also produced two other documentaries in this series, ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Urbanised’ which I’ll be watching next.

A link to the ‘Helvetica’ trailer –

A link to the “Objectified’ trailer –

A link to the ‘Urbanised’ trailer –


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