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End of Prototyping

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Okay, so I think I’m done with this design. I probably need another iteration of the vamp-tongue because this one is too loose, but I’d say I’m 90% there. I had a bit of a play with crossover-whipstitching on the top portion and I kinda like it, but not sure if I should do the entire shoe with just saddle stitching or do a mix.  For the sole I want to add an EVA layer between the sole and the last, and I’d like to last  the upper to a proper piece of veg tanned soling material. Pretty big money investment in raw materials if I go that route, so I’m not sure whether to do another design which I can utilise the big piece of olive suede I already have to make, or what to do from here really. I have a desire to make a pair of boat shoes now but I think that’s because I’ve been spending too much time looking at people’s feet! Those things are everywhere at the moment.








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