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Okay, maybe just one more…

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Now you’ll have to cut me some slack here, dear reader, because I told a little fib.

I wasn’t going to do any more work on this design because to be frank it’s not an easy pattern to try and figure out and after the last one, I thought I had a relative long way to go before I was even close to figuring out all of it’s little curves and creases.  I said it was 90% there, but I had my doubts.

I’d run out of thread so I went to Lefflers’ for a rummage this morning. Whilst bemoaning my lack of funds and the kilometers of leather beckoning me from the racks, I was thinking about what I needed to get to the point where I actually had a pair of functioning shoes.

I felt the desert boots were very close, so with a ream of olive green suede leather I decided I really needed to make another pair where I’ve refined the shape of the toe box and vamp, The sole/last shape has evolved quite a bit from the desert boots and I’m really happy with the shape. All I need to do this is find some more sole leather, and by a stroke of luck I found an off-cut that’s good enough for two pairs of shoes (Otherwise I’d have to buy a whole piece and that my friends is somewhere between $100-130.). So, I’m good to go with Operation Desert Boots 2.

Now, that left me with a not quite right of Long Ball Lace prototype, and having it sit there is like unfinished business, so whilst I was daydreaming in Lefflers’ I thought ‘bugger it, I’ll make another one”.  So here it is (sans sole) –




The fit on these is amazing. It’s reassuring to know that every shoe I do, I get a better understanding of ergonomics and the shape of my foot. For example, did you know that chances are, the ‘ankle’ bone on the inside of your foot and the one on the outside are not in the same place, so that little dip on the side of your shoe where your ankle goes shouldn’t be the same on both sides? There’s a litany of things like this that you notice when you start to make minimalist ergonomic shoes.

So from here I’m almost keen to make the matching left hand one, because I’ve got some ideas for the sole that minimises the amount of man-mate materials and I’m not sure how it’s going to work, so I’d like to try it out. The other issue is my pesky smaller left foot, so I’m keen to work on that so in the end, when I make shoes for myself, both left and right will fit perfectly.



  1. It’s definitely a little out there design-wise, but I think a case could be made for it. Looks like you don’t mind a sort of snug fit in the toe area. For some reason if I don’t have a good amount of deadspace around my toes they get really claustrophobic even if the sole flexes a lot.

  2. Desanthro says:

    With these I wanted to make them specifically for a sock-less fit, and also the leather is actually very soft and I aligned the stretch of the leather in each panel to move in the direction I wanted. My toes actually finish where the two frontmost panels meet and are whip-stitched together, so there’s actually more wiggle room than you might think.

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