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Experience the Future!

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This article is quite lightweight, but gives a nice shiny overview of Experience Design (As opposed to UX which at the moment seems to have been completely co-opted by IT):

I thought it was interesting how Delta airlines in the US has completely revamped it’s gate lounges from instead of being just rows of seats to actually being more like a lounge.  Now it just needs some trees for carbon offset and it will be slightly more ‘Design Anthropology’ and slightly less ‘User Experience’.



This is probably the quotable section from the article, supporting John Wood’s article “Why User-Centered Design is Not Enough” via Core77 last year:


Experience innovators recognize that consumers can’t tell you about the things they need or want but haven’t yet imagined. Nor can consumers articulate how they will do things differently in the future. For instance, customers will tell an airline they really want quick boarding and on-time departures.


That’s fairly obvious. But Delta came up with an approach they call “delocation” as a way of taking services out of their typical location and improving the travel experience in unexpected ways. Delta brought the lounge directly to the gate, creating an enhanced experience among travelers who had never thought of the gate past its function as a waiting area and were often too rushed to visit the airline lounge. The Delta concourses at LaGuardia and Minneapolis have banquette seating, embedded iPads, gate side ordering, and specially curated shops and restaurants to create new levels of service and ambiance. The space takes advantage of Delta’s ability to partner and deliver on its essence of “making flying better” in a way consumers might never have articulated in a focus group.


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