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Piff – “Does Money Make you Mean?”

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Piff – “Does Money Make you Mean?”

This isn’t exactly a rigorous scientific study, but it does go some way to explain why capitalism doesn’t work, and why a balance is needed between the concepts of individualism and collectivism. However, this is only the basic framework under which we construct a society so everyone can prosper and be happy. I firmly believe though that the world needs to be slowly but completely re-written if we are to be in symbiosis with the planet and ourselves, and not simply an infestation that is simply a danger to ourselves and everything we come into contact with.


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  1. I don’t know much about you guys in Aus, but here in the US a lot of people are still clinging to the every man for himself idea. It’ll be quite a while before even healthcare is nationalized … if it ever is. I hope we can get back to local community building, to maybe better see the consequences of ourselves on each other and the environment.

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